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Sealed Nozzle Heaters

Rugged construction along with high temperature and high watt density capabilities allow the Sealed Nozzle heater to surpass all other band heaters in providing the ever-increasing temperatures required for processing today’s high tech materials. The advanced design and thin profile allow the quick transfer of heat from the element to the sheath for efficient operation. Watt densities as high as 8 watts per square centimeter are possible. During manufacturing, the Sealed Mica Nozzle Heaters are submitted to extremely high pressure that ensures high insulation, excellent thermal exchange, lack of internal voids, perfectly smooth contact area for an optimum and uniform heat transfer to every part of the nozzle.

The Sealed Nozzle Heaters are available in either Brass or Stainless Steel versions, depending on the application. It is recommended to use stainless steel nozzles where the molding or extrusion of PVC is involved as stainless steel will withstand the corrosive fumes far better.

Construction Characteristics

Brass tubular sheath (also available in stainless steel, for corrosive materials such as PVC)

Standard power density, brass 4.5 W/cm2, stainless steel 7 W/cm2

Tear-resistant connection of power cable

Dielectric strength: 1500 V

Perfect roundness

Extremely small connecting cap

Oxidation resistant metal sheath

Protective sleeving where leads exit the heater

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