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Furnace Elements

We provide best quality furnace heating elements. Our elements can be used in nearly all types of atmosphere conditions and can be placed in protective element tubes for indirect heating applications or those harsh environments that can cause element failure. Our elements are used in furnaces for annealing, brazing, non-ferrous melting & holding, salt bath, hardening, draw, temper, and carbonizing applications. With a custom-designed element, heat distribution can be specifically located to apply the heat where it can achieve the best results.

Elements will be made in either a large or small configuration. Mounting of these elements is simple and can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the specific application.

Construction Characteristics

  • Usage/Application – Furnace
  • Compatible Power – All types
  • Size/Dimension – All dimensions
  • Size = All sizes
  • Usage – Medical,Telecommunications,Food service,Industrial
  • Power source – electric
  • Temperature – 648 C

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