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Drum Heaters

When liquids are stored in drums, maintaining a viscosity or a certain temperature is often necessary. Examples are adhesives, mastics, resins, grease, paint, oils, and many liquid food products. Where external heating is required or preferred, Drum Heaters can keep these materials at proper handling or process consistencies. A Quick release arrangement easily attaches these items to standard 210 lt steel drums. Even heat transfer limits scorching or degradation of sensitive materials. Thermostats are full-range adjustable.

Drum heaters are often used to reduce the viscosity of products such as oils, fats, and other food products. We offer various types of drum heaters for plastic drums and steel drums. If you need to heat multiple containers at once then a heating room or drum oven might be the type of drum heater that is best for your application.

Construction Characteristics

Voltages – 120 or 240 Volts Other on request

Maximum Temperature – (205ºC)

Sizes – No Restrictions

Fastening – Spring Loaded

Heating Element – Nichrome

Resistance Wire

Moisture and chemical resistant

Construction – Vulcanized Silicon Rubber

Applications – Heating Chocolate, Fats, Greases, Oil, Wax, Paraffin, Paint, Plastic, Resins, Water Etc

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