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Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic Bands Heaters are mainly used on injection molding and extrusion machines in the plastic industry. Construction consists of heating element wire, ceramic formers and shrouded in a Stainless steel jacket. Ceramic elements offer a Watts density of 6 W/cm² and an operating temperature up to 700°C. They are durable and have built-in ceramic fiber jackets, making them energy-efficient. Ceramic heaters are available with different terminal styles, are fully flexible, and can accommodate holes and cutouts.

Ceramic heaters can reduce energy consumption by 20% compared to heaters that are not insulated. Our Ceramic band heaters are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards to ensure efficient and reliable operation.


Construction Characteristics

  • Working temperature up to 520°C
  • Wire processing – both radiant heat and conduction
  • Plastic injection molding and extrusion barrels and dies
  • Metal injection molding
  • External stainless steel sheet, resistant to high temperatures
  • Nickel-Chrome 80/20 resistive winding
  • High purity ceramic insulation
  • Ceramic fiber insulation

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