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About Us

Who We Are

Choosing to work with a manufacturer that doesn’t provide quality elements means sacrificing productivity and putting your business at risk. At Power Therm, we’ve developed a reputation as a trusted name in the South African heating element industry. Our clients come to us with their heating needs and we provide them with a cost-effective solution. We are known for our innovative approach that makes us one of the most trusted heating element manufacturers in the area. 

Industry Experience

To date, we have worked with dozens of industries, including those in the packaging, automotive, refrigeration, consumer appliances, commercial foodservice equipment, transport, electronic, energy and environment, medical, commercial and industrial equipment fields.

Types of heaters we manufacture are:

  • Flange Heaters – (Air, Water, and Oil).
  • Furnace Elements – (Low and High Temperature).
  • Duct Heaters.
  • Ceramic Elements.
  • Tank Heaters.
  • Tubular Metal Sheathed Elements – (Incoloy & Copper).
  • Band Heaters.
  • Cartridge Heaters.
  • Temperature Controllers and Control Panels
  • Thermocouples (J.K.R. PT100)
  • Infra Red Elements.
  • Inline Circulation Heaters (Oil, Steam, Air, Water).
  • Customized Heating and Control Systems.
  • Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
  • Stator winding (RTD PT100/Rodium Platinum)

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